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About the Client

Chitrali Properties is a leading real estate, construction development and property management company. They work on a range of projects from bridges and flyovers to self-contained residential townships, IT parks and other commercial and retail buildings.

The Problem

Chitrali was facing a problem in their construction where they had to fill a void of empty space in between the road and a parking basement. The issue here was that conventional materials could not get the job done because the load of these materials would have been too heavy thus rendering the construction improper. The filling volume was 500 Cum, but they couldn’t use AAC blocks or sand concrete to fill the void as the load of these materials were between 450 to 1000 kg/Cum.

The Solution

Innovastu helped Chitrali in filling this void between the road and parking basement by providing them with a substantially lighter load of Drytech Geofoam that would compress to the desired elasticity and maintain the integrity of the construction. This custom geofoam was rated at a load of 20kg/cum.

The Product: Geofoam is a geotechnical material made from expanded polystyrene (EPS) which helps distribute the weight load of adjacent and underlying soils and structures. It is a replacement material for Siporex, AAC, Light weight block, Soil etc. These materials are generally used to fill space to match the floor level or increase it to the required height. We can customize the density of geofoam to cater to the various needs of each and every client. Know more about our product range

  • Client : Chitrali Properties
  • Construction Date : October 2015
  • Website :
  • Location : Pune, India
  • Value : 1.299.525,00
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