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About drywall

Drywall is lightweight, high performance interior wall system that is better in performance than conventional masonry walls. Drywall is rapidly becoming the preferred choice for wide range of applications in residential, industrial and commercial construction.

Time needed for installing a drywall is 4-5 times less than masonry construction. Drywalls consume 95% less water than brick walls. As drywalls are made up of gypsum plasterboard they are 100% recyclable for multiple times. These features lead to reduction in material, energy and manpower, thereby reducing costs.

Why Innovastu?

Top 1% Drywall consultants in India

With over 50 successful projects, we have established ourselves as the leading Drywall contracting consultants in India. We have installed drywalls for the top brands such as Bridgestone Chakan, Cummins India,Phaltan, GSK, Bengaluru to name a few.

Simplified answers to complex problems

We pride ourselves as a distinguished problem solver in complex drywall installations. We have engineered simple solutions for some of the most challenging installations through a continuous learning approach.

Strong technical expertise

We have developed a robust expertise in all key aspects of drywall construction. We pride ourselves among top problem solvers in this trade. Team Innovastu offers complete drywall design build solution - from conceptualization, to design to erection - and everything in between.

Best practices

We always follow international best practices for safety, installation, and execution. Employee safety is the topmost priority and all our field employees follow the best safety practices. We use only wireless and top-quality equipment for drywall installation.

Drywall Products

Dry Wall Block System

A unique drywall product that fits in to create a wall without any need for an anchor due to its two-tongue mold design. These walls are reinforced with jointing compounds after they have been erected for further reliability. These blocks offer fire resistance, wind force resistance, impact resistance as well as heat and acoustic insulation. They are significantly cheaper that other conventional walls.

Highrise Self Standing Wall

Floor anchored GI self-standing structure which can resist specific environmental pressures. It only requires one floor anchor and no connections at the top, thanks to our own design development, making this the USP of this product. This system is designed after a careful study of all the variables involved.

Drytech Drywall Enclosure

A drywall engineered enclosure that can be utilized in offices, workshops and admin blocks. These Pre-engineered buildings are guaranteed to be water free, mess free, and headache free as Innovastu handles everything from design specifications to project execution. Third party consultants such as architects and other interested parties like PMC,

Acoustical Wall Partition

Achieve low noise level (up to 75 db), short propagation time and short absorption time with our acoustical drywall partitions. These can be made using Gypsum plaster board with the combination of right insulation material and design. It is difficult to deliver acoustic comfort in masonry walls without increasing the thickness.

Drywall Partition

A partition wall which can be used in multiple ways. Our glazed and partition walls can be customized to your requirements. Lightweight and flexibility make drywalls the prefect candidate for partitions. Partitions can take up any finish like paint, wallpaper, laminates etc. They can last longer as these are not fragile and easy maintenance substitute to brick walls.

Fire Rated Walls

Fire rated drywall limit the fire within the partition and prevent the smoke from spreading to adjoining areas. Fire rated gypsum drywall boards contains glass fiber reinforcement and approximately 21% by weight chemically combined water. On exposure to fire, the water is slowly released as steam, effectively retarding heat transmission.