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This is a geotechnical material made from expanded polystyrene (EPS) which helps distribute the weight load of adjacent and underlying soils and structures. Due to the earth materials being heavy, inducing settlement, instability and even lateral pressures, geofoam can be used to reduce axial loads on weaker sub-soils and reducing/eliminating lateral loads on abutments and foundations. EPS geofoam is amongst the most versatile lightweight materials available, much lighter than Sand or Siporex blocks.

Geofoam is a replacement material for Siporex, AAC, Light weight block, Soil etc. These materials are generally used to fill space to match the floor level or increase it to the required height. Geofoam’s main usage comes as a land filling material that is very time and cost friendly as compared to other similar products. Drytech geofoam is incombustible expanded polystyrene that offers a high compression strength.

It comes in a standard dimension of 4 x 1 x 1.2 m, but can be provided in required sized along with various densities. Advantages of geofoam include:

  • Less manpower required
  • Predictable engineered performance
  • Installation in various weather conditions
  • Maximized installation efficiency
  • Lesser cost
  • Quicker turnaround time and
  • An ecofriendly solution to release pressure from under heavy loads
Applications include making steps for auditoriums, cinemas and landings; to raise the floor of kitchens, bathrooms and balconies and, to relieve stress from under a structure (i.e. bridge, tunnel).

Why Innovastu?


We have used this technology to enable fast and easy installation for land filling material alternatives. We are the only contractors who have a qualified team to execute such jobs. Previous clients include Westend Mall- Aundh and SavarkarSmarakBhavan, Mumbai.

Simplified answers to complex problems

We pride ourselves as distinguished problem solver in complex installations. We have engineered simple solutions for some of the most challenging installations through continuous learning approach. We have material available to carry out these jobs. See how we solved Chitrali Properties problem of filling the void between the road and the parking basement

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Strong technical expertise

We have developed a robust expertise in all key aspects of installing geofoam. We pride ourselves among top problem solvers in this trade. Our team has vast technical expertise and this material has been tested thoroughly. Team Innovastu offers complete installation design build solution - from conceptualization, to design to erection - and everything in between. See our capabilities

Best practices

We always follow international best practices for safety, installation, and execution. Employee safety is the topmost priority and all our field employees follow the best safety practices. We use only wireless and top-quality equipment for installations. We use all battery-operated equipment which reduces risk caused by wires.


We have augmented our offerings to not solely be about construction but also include complementary products/services that increase value of the overall bundle.