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LGSF buildings can be used as substitute of RCC/traditional buildings. It is used to create frames for external walls, floor, internal walls etc. These are used as the base on which suitable boards and materials are used to cover the framing. LGSF buildings look similar to traditional RCC buildings after completion. It is easy to renovate LGSF buildings as they can be repaired quickly for proper planning.

These structures are dependable and make for a strong-structured building. Our steel structures are built on innovation and attention to customer requirements. These LGSF buildings can be constructed quickly. While designing, it is kept in mind that there is no wastage of resources. We use screw and bolting to make all the structures. Steel content used in LGSF buildings in 100% recyclable, similar to gypsum board, which too is fully recyclable.

LGSF involves precise designing and computer controlled manufacturing. As steel is strong, there are fewer framing members with wider, on-center spacing, reducing material and labor costs. These buildings are national building code complaint and use green and sustainable technology.

Time taken for construction is less due to steel framing and the use of gypsum on composite boards instead of RCC or Bricks. Steel framing weighs less when compared to traditional building materials like masonry and concrete system.

Other important features for LGSF are wind resistance and seismic resistance. These buildings are designed taking into account local wind pressure. As LGSF buildings have a steel skeleton, they have higher seismic performance and are stable during an earthquake.

Why Innovastu?


We have the design capability and execution know how to design and build a job like this. We are masters in dealing with light gauge steel. We take care of each step from conceptualization to execution.

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We pride ourselves as distinguished problem solvers in complex installations. We have engineered simple solutions for some of the most challenging installations through continuous learning approach. See how we solved the problem for Hirschvogel Automotive Group, Pune for a shop floor G+1 structure…….

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We have developed a robust expertise in all key aspects of steel structures. We pride ourselves among top problem solvers in this trade. Team Innovastu offers complete installation design build solution - from conceptualization, to design to erection - and everything in between. See our capabilities

Best practices

We always follow international best practices for safety, installation, and execution. Employee safety is the topmost priority and all our field employees follow the best safety practices. We use only wireless and top-quality equipment for installations


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