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What is Fire Prevention?

A fire can occur for many reasons: exposed wiring; a surge in electricity; wrong positioning of equipment; the atmosphere/climate and so on. The majority of fires spread through the electrical cable or PVC piping system. The aftermath of a fire can be financially brutal for a business.

By consulting construction professionals who provide reliable, sustainable materials, you can not only lower the odds of a fire, but also mitigate damage if one occurs. Fire protection involves:


The ability of a specimen of a separating element to contain fire to specified criteria for collapse, freedom from holes, cracks and fissures and sustained flaming on the unexposed face.


The ability of a specimen of a separating element to restrict the temperature rise of the exposed face to below specified levels (140 deg mean rise, 180 deg maximum rise)


The ability of a system like ventilation and smoke extraction ductwork, to remain in place and capable of fulfilling its intended function throughout the duration of exposure to fire.

Preventing loss is better than recovering from it. We are the only licensed fire rated wall contractor in India to have a fire license (Fire License No. MFS-LA/P-0049.) We certify our fire rated walls based onto generic engineering documents. We provide logical engineering solutions as per site conditions and situations.

Difference between Active and Passive Systems

Active fire protection systems are fire extinguishers, fire suppression blankets, sprinkler systems and smoke alarms. Passive fire protection systems are fire-retardant materials used to build the production factory, such as fire-resistant walls, ceilings, doors, insulation and glass.

We focus on passive fire protection systems and these products fit well into our catalog of construction materials and support our view on fire prevention. Using passive fire protection systems has the following advantages:

  • Prevents or slows the spread of fire / smoke from room spaces
  • Limiting building damage
  • Provides more time for occupants to evacuate the area
  • Provide passage to fire fighters to reach the source of fire

Why Innovastu?


With over 50 successful projects, we have established ourselves as a leading construction contracting consultant in India. Innovastu is the only recognised contractor in India who specialises in fire rated drywalls. We have delivered more than xxxxxsqmts of fire rated drywall. Previous clients include Bridgestone Tyers, Loreal India, Nivea India, Cummins India, Volkswagen India, SCA Hygiene products India.

Simplified answers to complex problems

We pride ourselves as distinguished problem solver in complex installations. We have engineered simple solutions for some of the most challenging installations through continuous learning approach. See how we solved x problem for our client

Strong technical expertise

We have developed a robust expertise in all key aspects of passive fire protection systems. We pride ourselves among top problem solvers in this trade. Fire rating is a sensitive subject and we understand it and tackle it technically by utilizing our vast knowledge about the topic. Team Innovastu offers complete installation design build solution - from conceptualization, to design to erection - and everything in between. See our capabilities

Best practices

We always follow international best practices for safety, installation, and execution. Employee safety is the topmost priority and all our field employees follow the best safety practices. We use only wireless and top-quality equipment for installations. We use all battery-operated equipment which reduces risk caused by wires.


We have augmented our offerings to not solely be about construction but also include complementary products/services that increase value of the overall bundle.


Fire Rated Walls

These walls are specifically designed to sustain and encage fires from 1 to 4 hours. They are constructed using Gypsum Plaster Board, Calcium Silicate Board, Cement Fiber Board, or Magnesium Silicate Board. They also help control smoke, provide exceptional fire resistance, strength and impact resistance. For industrial use, different load bearing capacity walls are possible.

Fire Rated Ceilings

We offer fire rated ceilings that can be installed in buildings under construction as well as already built properties. We look at aspects like support structure design; non-load bearing ceilings; load bearing ceilings, acoustics; and movement joint (ceilings) in order to provide fireproof ceiling system.

Fire Rated Enclosures

These enclosures are used to protect important areas of business operations such as server rooms, master control systems, vital piping and cables etc. They also act as panic rooms where people can go in case of emergency. We provide various fire rated enclosures.

Fire Rated Glass

We provide aesthetically appealing, customizable glass panes that combine style with safety. This glass can be used in: vision panel in fireproof doors, lift/lobby partitions; entry/exit doors; data server rooms; electric rooms; metro terminals; and fire safety glass doors.

Fire Rated Column Cladding

We offer fire-resistant column cladding rated at 30 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours and more, while maintaining our aesthetic standard as well as damage mitigation.