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About the Client
Cummins Research and Technology India Pvt. Ltd. is a joint venture between Cummins Inc. and Cummins India Limited focused on providing engineering designs and products such as engines, generators and components such as fuel systems, emission solutions, turbo technologies and filtration.

The Problem
The client needed a fire rated partition that would work properly at a height of 6 meters. The main issue they faced was that the area that needed this drywall, had a constraint on space and access due to the ongoing engine assembly process below. There was also a constraint in material, machinery, and labor movement since the installation of conventional drywall was not possible.

The Solution
Innovastu supplied and installed a unique 2 hr. fire rated curtain system, instead of the traditional drywall. This consisted of LGS framing along with 0.4mm thick stainless steel reinforced glass fiber fabric. Innovastu also provided the necessary screw fasteners that were designed to withstand 20 kg per square meter of lateral pressure. The benefit of this solution was easy installation and quick turnaround time of the project.

The Product:Fire rated curtain wall, Integrity only, which means it stops passage of fire through an assembly for 2 hours. It consists of light gauge steel framing with 0.4mm thick stainless steel reinforced glass fiber fabric along with necessary fasteners.

Client : Cummins R&D

Construction Date : October 2015

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Location : Chakan, India

Value : 1.299.525,00

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