False Ceilings

A ceiling is usually a dropped ceiling made up of a gridwork of metal channels suspended on wires from the overhead structure. These false ceilings are visually appealing, functional, easily customizable, have a great aesthetic and can be used for interiors and exteriors. Ceilings help in creating a hygienic environment and eradicate rodent and other bacterial infestations. We provide false ceilings, which allow ease of access to ducts and wires, resulting in simplification of alterations and repair. These ceilings have good load bearing capacity, are moisture resistant, have good acoustics and are easy to install and maintain. The ceilings are customized so that they can be used in pharmaceutical and agricultural facilities like hospitals, laboratories, food industry and drug factories.

Industrial ceilings are difficult to execute due to the height, scale of work and other factors involved in a building. Height of industrial buildings is around 12-15 meters and we are comfortable to work at the height due to our domain experience and skilled labours. Industrial ceilings give user the ability to customize lighting to achieve the required lux level. These can be made fire rated and can perform acoustically well, if required.
Why False Ceilings?
Reasons for using ceilings:
  • They are suspended from the main ceiling and decrease room volume. As a result, air conditioning becomes more effective and leads to energy conservation.
  • Overhead fixture wiring for fans, lighting, air conditioners and plumbing can be concealed using false ceilings. This leads to clean and seamless look for the room.
  • Using false ceilings can help mount services at the required height.
  • They improve aesthetics by providing a definitive look to the room. These help in creating a good ambience and enhance the decor.
Metal Ceilings
It is a suspension quality ceiling system available in either GI or aluminium or stainless steel. Design options available are panel, linear and grid. Metal ceiling material should be chosen based after understanding the benefits of each material.
  • GI ceilings: These are cost effective and can be used in industries where there is no moisture.
  • Aluminium ceilings: These type of metal ceilings can be used in high moisture content industries.
  • Stainless steel ceilings: The industries where there is a requirement for clean environment can use steel ceilings. Operation theatre in hospitals and kitchens in restaurants can utilise these kind of ceilings.
These can be used for commercial and industrial purposes. Previous clients include Atlas Copco, Delhi International Airport, Pune International Airport, Aker Solutions, Panchshil Realty, Poonawala Stud Farms, Ashwini Hospital, DinanathMangeshkar Hospital and Lokmanya Hospital.
Grid Ceilings

Grid ceilings are performance ceiling systems and we offer grids of different sizes. Available sizes are 600*600, 600*1200 mm and 1200*1200 mm and customised sizes can also be sourced. Suitable tiles of gypsum, mineral fibre and cement can be fixed on these grids. Before deciding on the type of grid and tile, its performance must be determined.Every tile in the grid ceiling has a particular use and application.Drytech’s innovative solution overcomes foul suspension. Grid arrangement provides clean lines, proper finish and installations in proper levels. We have created many components and cleats which can overcome challenging fixities and connections. Previous clients include Coca-Cola India, Soktas India, Bharat Forge, Minda and BalkrishnaTyres.

Gypsum Ceilings

Gypsum ceilings are the most commonly used false ceilings in offices, commercial complexes and residences. We have many design components which decrease installation time and innovative methods and materials to fix gypsum ceiling. We conduct technical design calculations to decrease material used and reduce time taken. These ceilings are faster, innovative, cost-effective and specialized solutions for ceilings in hallways, passages, lobbies, etc. Previous clients include Ferring Pharmaceuticals, Wirtgen India, Fiat India, Bekaert Industries, D Link India and TCS Hyderabad.

Why Innovastu?

We have the design capability and execution know how to design and build a job like this. We are masters in dealing with light gauge steel. We take care of each step from conceptualization to execution.
Simplified answers to complex problems
We pride ourselves as distinguished problem solvers in complex installations. We have engineered simple solutions for some of the most challenging installations through continuous learning approach. See how we solved the problem for Hirschvogel Automotive Group, Pune for a shop floor G+1 structure…….
Strong technical expertise
We have developed a robust expertise in all key aspects of steel structures. We pride ourselves among top problem solvers in this trade. Team Innovastu offers complete installation design build solution - from conceptualization, to design to erection - and everything in between. See our capabilities
Best practices
We always follow international best practices for safety, installation, and execution. Employee safety is the topmost priority and all our field employees follow the best safety practices. We use only wireless and top-quality equipment for installations
We have augmented our offerings to not solely be about construction but also include complementary products/services that increase value of the overall bundle

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