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We provide cost-effective solutions to optimize productivity by maximizing the potential of the industrial space. In other words, we help our clients increase their productivity by outfitting their workspace in a more efficient manner and enabling them to accomplish more.


Self Standing Enclosures
These structures are free standing walls that are only anchored on one side. They can be used for makeshift offices, electric rooms, store rooms, cabins or however a client wishes. These enclosures are built according to the customer’s preferences with regards to height, length and width for industrial applications.
Doors & Windows
We complement our self standing enclosures by offering compatible doors and windows, all the while keeping the installation dry and hassle free. These doors and windows can be made fire resistant if the client prefers.
Skirting for Drywalls
We provide skirting for walls that is chemical resistant, water proof, high aesthetic appeal and easy to install. These skirts are used to cover up the area where the wall surface and the floor meet.
Fire Rated Curtains
With our knowledgeable combination of fire safety and building regulations, we can design a solution that solves your particular problem. By supplying and installing fire-resistant roll up shutters we utilize our expertise and provide clients with an international standard quality of work. These shutters are highly flexible, being put into use from industries to factories to offices and even private homes.
Lockers in High Pressure laminate
We provide lockers in HPL and HDPE. These particular lockers have a huge range of applications, from schools to offices to gyms and changing rooms. They are made of sheets of kraft paper treated with phenolic resins, layered together, then subjected to high pressure, making the phenolic compounds cross-bond, which results in a scratch-resistant surface.
Drytech Gypsum Profiles
This is a concept we at IVPL have innovated. The benefits include better looks, easy installation, less wastage of material, proper finishing and a more cost friendly way to outfit ceilings and partitions. Using this will not only save numerous manhours of cutting the boards, applying, jointing and finishing them but will also allow easy modification and personalization.

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