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The Problem
Lead time is always an issue for companies that require construction. In terms of turn-around time in construction, there are many factors that can potentially delay a project.

The Solution
With our catalogue of toilet cubicle designs, we offer a full range of customizable colors and designs for all our clients’ needs. The mode of construction is quick, as is the installation process due to our proprietary method of dry construction and installation. Due to stock availability at any given time we can supply and install toilet cubicles in a very short time.

The Product: We offer a massive selection of toilet cubicle and washroom solutions for all purposes. These designs are: hygienic; low-cost; high on aesthetics; and flexible systems. Know more about our product range

Client :

Construction Date : October 2015

Website :

Location : India

Value : 1.299.525,00

Innovative Vastunirman pvt. ltd.

Anurag Apartments Flat No. 4,
1st floor, Right Bhusari Colony,
Kothrud, Pune: 411 038

Phone: +91 9552523596

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